Monday, April 09, 2007

Gregg Harris' "Legacy Series" in MP3s

In order to respond to the growing number of requests by a new generation of young families for help on many of the issues I have taught on over the years, my twin sons, Alex, Brett (see have converted some of my best tape-recorded seminars from the 1980s and 90s into sets of MP3 files. They may now be purchased and downloaded from

We are calling this The Legacy Series and it includes:

The Basic Home Schooling Workshop
The Seasons of Life Seminar
The Noble Planner Time Management Seminar
The Households of Strength Seminar
The Family Business Seminar
The Family Storytelling Seminar, and most recently,
The Household of Faith Seminar.

If you are looking for practical help in life-planning, marriage building, child training, career planning and church reform, these seminars and workshops may be of help.

This new MP3 technology allows us to share the messages that helped to launch the international national movements in Christian home schooling, family restoration and age-integrated local churches (see Household of Faith Community Church). Each seminar set was originally $29 to $39 on cassette tapes. Now, due to the lower expenses involved with distribution the web, we are able to offer them at around $2 per session, and that with no shipping and handing fees. Amazing!

I hope you will make use of this material. I stand by what I taught back then, and though a few references are dated, the biblical principles and the basic ideas continue to stand the test of time and guide my own life decisions. They are certainly bearing out well in the lives of my children as they enter onto each new season of their lives.

One last thing to mention is that Noble Institute, The Rebelution, Good News Project, and now this new commerce site, Noble Books all operate under Noble Institute as a non-profit 501(c)3 tax exempt educational organization. Therefore, any purchases and/or donations made will be used to develop new resources, launch new ministry projects and maintain and grow our sites for greater service. Thank you for your support. And thank you also for helping me get the word out to your friends and fellow enthusiasts on the web.